Saturday, January 22, 2011

Harry Potter

Ouhh, i like.

And i like the Harry Potter books and the movies. And I don't think they ruined something by making it into movies like usally.

So I thought: I've already read the books one to five - I've just got to read two books till the end of the whole story - And to do so I've time 'till summer - I like the movies - and I like to really get into a story.
What's the logical solution: I'll read book six and seven, then get all available DVDs home by lending them from somebody, then, in summer when the last part is in the cinema, sit in a dark room for about a day and watch all movies in a row without a break and then run to the cinema to watch the last part there.
This will require some calculations and a lot of black strong coffe since I've already seen most of the movies, but i'm sure I'll make it.

And it will be great!

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